Ireland ‘needs to learn lessons’ from France
Catherine McGuinness saysIrish Times 13 Jan
Lobbying for illegal Irish in US contrasted with approach to immigrants here, retired judge says – read more

Would I be prepared to give them shelter?
We have begun a new year: 2015. What will we celebrate and what will we hope for? These are good questions for us all to reflect on. A new beginning gives us a new energy that can offer some deeper hope that seeds of peace will start emerging in those torn-apart countries of Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, and regions where terrorist groups rule: such as  Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, where so many young people have been abducted or killed.

Meanwhile it has been reported that at the close of 2014 Ireland has seen an increase of 47% in the numbers of people seeking asylum here, compared to 2013.  However this figure has to be seen in a wider context.  Out of 44 industrialised countries, only 15 in every 10,000 asylum seekers made their claim in the Republic during this past year, according to the Irish Refugee Council  (Irish Times, Saturday, December 27, 2014). 


Direct provision has been consistently challenged by activists, politicians and human rights lawyers by advocacy and in the courts over the past few years with numerous articles on the topic, including some of those below,  linked to on this website. The system has been widely condemned. Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly, former Supreme Court Judge Catherine McGuinness, refugee support groups and childcare expert Geoffrey Shannon amongst others have claimed that Ireland is in breach of constitutional and European human rights.

Yet every challenge and criticism has, up to now, washed over or been soaked up by government authorities without any change.  Is there finally light at the end of the tunnel?  This article by Liz O’Donnell in the Irish Independent (26 July 2014) points to a change of attitude with the appointment of the new Labour Minister of State Aodhan O Riordain at the Department of Justice.  Is there hope at last that the Direct Provision system will be reformed?  Read more


Direct provision needs ‘urgent action’, say Catholic bishops

Irish Times 11th December: Bishops have appealed for urgent action by the Government to address the direct provision system for asylum seekers. Read more


Call to end the Direct Provision System.
A conference on the issues facing asylum seekers has heard children as young as 11 have threatened suicide as a result of their living conditions.  Read more 



OPEN SECRETS - free Kindle download

OPEN SECRETS - free Kindle download

Open Secrets: An Irish Perspective on Trafficking and Witchcraft. To mark the first anniversary of its publication the Kindle version of the Book is now being made available free of charge and can be downloaded from  Hard copies of the book are still available for purchase directly from the SMA Justice Office, African Missions, Wilton, Cork. Email:  Cost: €19.10  


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