Changes at Cois Tine

The Cois Tine office in Popes Quay closed on the 28 of February.   From now on Cois Tine will be based in the SMA Justice Office, Society of African Missions, Wilton, Cork.  For any inquiries please telephone 021 4933475.  The old Cois Tine number is now discontinued.

Cois Tine will continue to exist although in a reduced form – the following elements will continue.

  • A small group of volunteers will continue to visit Accommodations Centres. 
  • Participation in inter-agency groups and meetings concerning Asylum Seekers/Immigrants.
  • This web site will be maintained as a source of information, to advocate on behalf of asylum seekers and to provide resources for Church and community Groups who wish to include and welcome immigrants into their communities.
  • Cois Tine will continue to work with NASC the Irish Immigrant Support Centre.
  • Work to promote the acceptance and inclusion of immigrants in the Church and local community will also continue – e.g. via the Cois Tine website and through delivery of presentations to Parish and Community groups.
  • Cois Tine’s involvement in promoting Christian Muslim Dialogue and understanding will also continue – via website, through participation in events and through delivery of presentations and training.



More asylum seekers in ‘direct provision’ than prisoners in jail.  Irish Times 3 April 2014
Link to yet another article critical of the Direct Provision System.    “That such a system has been allowed develop over time may be unfortunate, that there is no urgency in reform to direct provision is unforgivable.”   Read More



 lampedusa3“The Globalisation of Indifference”..
On the Island of Lampedusa last October and following the drowning of many migrants Pope Francis said:  Who is responsible for the blood of these brothers and sisters? No one! We all respond this way: not me, it has nothing to do with me, there are others, certainly not me. But God asks each one of us: ‘Where is the blood of your brother that cries out to me?’ Today no one in the world feels responsible for this; we have lost the sense of fraternal responsibility. In this world of globalisation we have fallen into a globalisation of indifference. We are accustomed to the suffering of others, it doesn’t concern us, it’s none of our business.



 Most people will say, "What Boom?"  Foreign investment Africa's natural resources is fuelling a level of economic growth far higher than most of the developed world.  But the signs of this growth are not evident - Why?   Read the latest SMA Justice Briefing  click here


Three year stay for 60% of state housed asylum seekers
Saturday, February 08, 2014

This article from the Irish Examiner reveals startling statistics that highlight the injustice of the Direct Provision System. Its time for the purely finincial considerations used to justify the continuation of the system to be replaced by respect for human dignity and solidarity. Read more 



OPEN SECRETS - free Kindle download

OPEN SECRETS - free Kindle download

Open Secrets: An Irish Perspective on Trafficking and Witchcraft. To mark the first anniversary of its publication the Kindle version of the Book is now being made available free of charge and can be downloaded from  Hard copies of the book are still available for purchase directly from the SMA Justice Office, African Missions, Wilton, Cork. Email:  Cost: €19.10  


Harden not your Hearts

Harden not your Hearts

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